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Custom tooltip not working in Power BI Service

When hovering over a visual in Power BI Service, the custom tooltip only flashes briefly on the screen. Tested on table and matrix visuals with different kind of custom tooltips. Tried re-publishing the report with latest version of Power BI Desktop, but the problem persists. The feature works on Power BI Desktop though. 

Status: Accepted
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I'm having the same issue. Sometimes it works, most of the time not. Happens on every type of visual: table, bar chart, matrix, pie chart and line chart. 


Same problem here, only flash Tooltip...disappearing again when loaded


Same issue here.  Stinks I just rolled that feature out to our organization and now it doesnt work properly.

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We are having the same issue as well. We have so many reports that rely on this feature. PowerBI team please this issue.

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We are getting the same issue too - very frustrating. Please fix ASAP! This is impacting all of our reports. 

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Same here - in all browsers same behaviour: EDGE, Chrome, Firefox.


Power BI desktop: Page with visual with tooltip, and on hover does show a perfect tooltip visual.


Publish report to Power BI service (app.powerbi): Hovering over the visual, then the tooltip flashes and dissapears. Hovering over other part of visual (different bar in barchart), tooltip becomes visible changes the values regarding the hovered bar and then dissapears again.


Also when publising the visual in a dashboard then the tooltip does not work anymore and normal data is presented.



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Same problem here! in editing mode works fine, but in viewer mode it flashes. We need a fix!

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Same here, broken in power bi service. Still works in power bi desktop.

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Exactly same problem here !! Please fix, this is impacting our production reports. Thanks,

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Same here. This had been happening on some reports (desktop too) for months but now seems universal in service