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Custom tooltip not working in Power BI Service

When hovering over a visual in Power BI Service, the custom tooltip only flashes briefly on the screen. Tested on table and matrix visuals with different kind of custom tooltips. Tried re-publishing the report with latest version of Power BI Desktop, but the problem persists. The feature works on Power BI Desktop though. 

Status: Accepted

Same problem here, it was working last week but during this week we have the same "flash" issue.

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Same issue here, disappears after tooltip loads completely.


One addition for me: If I hover the cursor on an entity, move off, and move back on - the issue will repeat until the 4th-6th time, where the tooltip will remain like normal. 


It's not consistent, and if you move off and back on it will disappear again. But every now and then it works.

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Same here, I have an extensive set of custom tooltips that are very hard to be replaced with something else for my users. Fix it, Power BI team, please, and do it now!


Hi all, 


You can keep an eye on the status of this issue in Support site: 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Status changed to: Accepted

The exact same issue here as well in Calgary, Canada. 


A small tip to make the tooltip to stay is that mouse over twice to the exact point to show the tooltip. I mouse over the point and move the mouse up or down to the same data point/visualization.  This is not easy to do for users and looking forward to resolving the issue by Power BI team.


Currently, it is partly working as you have to find the right spot to have it stay in the window...

Though not ideal and not solved yet.

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Same here, tooltip flashes briefly and then disappears.


Hope a fix will be deployed soon.



It looks like it's working again now. The tooltip window stays. 

It's Calgary, Canada.


Nope. Not yet working. Only if you move your mouse to a near spot. Should work the first time. let's see what the release shows tomorrow.