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Custom data colors reverting to default colors in the service.

We have published reports with custom data colors on the bar charts.  As of early last week, these custom colors were showing as desired online.  At the end of April, however, they all started showing default colors instead.  In the desktop files we see the custom colors, but in the service they are the default colors, even when re-publishing.  If I try and edit the colors in the service, the color picker just forces the default color.
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This happened to me today. 


I selected custom colors for a pie chart (created and editd the report in Power BI Service). Then when I pinned the report to a dashboard and refreshed a few times, the colors of the pie chart reverted to default colors. 

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I am seeing card values revert to default when uploading to service.   As the defaults are white, the values appear to be missing, which is a significant problem.  Was there any resolution identified for this issue other than adding dummy values? This obviously won't work for a single row card.



custom color.PNG



default color.PNG




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Resolved issue by updating the custom .json theme foreground hex code to non-white.  Interesting that when reverting visual colors to default in desktop kept values as black, but service recognized actual white default Hex value.

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Having a similar issue - chart colors showing in desktop and service but reverting to default colors when publishing to the web.  AND an image isn't showing up at all.  It has pretty much ruined my dashboard. Hope it gets fixed ASAP. 


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