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Custom Visual tooltips not shown on dashboards


When a custom visual is pinned to a dashboard tooltips are not displayed on mouse over, while native visuals can display their tooltips correctly.

In all other contexts (included dashboard in focus mode) tooltips work as expected.


We noticed this issue testing our custum visuals and also pinning to a dashboard the sampleBarChart visual provided by Microsoft.
Debugging the code we noticed that the method is called as usual in tooltipServiceWrapper.ts, but nothing is shown.

Status: Accepted



I can repro the same issue as you. I’ve reported it internally to Power BI Team: CRI 36234575
I’ll post here once I get any update about it.


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Status changed to: Accepted
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Same here. Custom tool tips don't show once report has been published. Those show up fine during design time in Power BI Desktop.
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Has there been any updates on a fix for this?  I have custom tool tips that I developed, yet they aren't showing up in our CRM Dynamics Dashboards (even though you can see them when you visit the Power BI report page directly).  The built in tooltips do not order properly and our execs would like them in a specific order, thus requiring me to use a custom tooltip, but I can't deliver if this feature is still broken.

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Hi @Namkce,

Unfortunately from my side we have dismissed the tab regarding this custom visual, so I do not know if a fix has been produced.

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Any update on this issue?  Tooltips showing up on the Report (in the Service), but they get lost when pinned to a new Dashboard.  Is this something that the Power BI development team will ever address with a fix?

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I'm interested in a solution to this as well, the tool tips were a great way to represent associated data that can't neatly be displayed in a table 

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Hello! I've pinned a simple card visual (haveing an own tooltip page in the report) to a dashboard and no tooltip is shown at all (in the dashboard view). Only in the focus mode the "normal" tooltip appears (but not even the tooltip page as showing up in the report).


It would be fantastic to have the full tooltip functionalitity as in reports also available in dashboards. Honestly in dashbaords it's even MORE required from my point of view, as this function perfectly solves to problem to show a lean overview on the one hand (keep it simple), but allow to dive already very easily one level deeper by doing a mouse-over. If the dashboard user is than interested in even more details he can click on the tile to jump to the report.


So please fix / add this as it would be more than from help also here in my enterprise dashboard.

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any updates on this MS?

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Hi - I'm looking for an update on this as well.  It would be extremely beneficial to have custom tooltip capabilities on the dashboards for quick and easy insights without getting into the weeds of an actual report page.