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Custom Visual not showing up in Dashboard on first load



In preview workspace app. If I pin some custom visuals to a dashbaord, they will fail to load at the first visit of the dashboard in a day. Refreshing the page could resolve the issue. But the problem will come back next day. The issue happened on both IE11 and Chrome.







Status: New

Hi @Yuran,


Does the issue happen when the user view the dashboard in a preview new workspace or published app? 

Does the issue happen to the latest report as well? 

Which custom visuals have the issue? did you get these problematic custom visuals from custom marketplace or pbiviz files? 


I have tested on my side but not able to reproduce the issue on my side. The custom visuals (Bullet Chart, Histogram, WordCloud) are getting from marketplace, after pinning these visuals to a dashboard, users can view dashboard from preview app workspace or app fine both with IE and Chrome browsers. 


In your scenario, please try to test with our sample report to see if the same issue occurs on your side. 

Also please try the latest IE and Chrome browsers as ours. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu