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Cumulative chart showing blanks (gaps in data)



I am trying to create a Cumulative chart in Power BI, but the line breaks instead of continuing when there is no data. I have created a measure to count the number of dates I need:

No. Of Meetings = 
    COUNT ( account[Met Management Date] ), DATESYTD ( 'DateDimension'[Date] ),  ALL ( 'DateDimension' ) )

This works:

eg tab.JPG

















However the Chart looks like this:













I don't necessarily need to use the YTD function as I'm more than happy to simply use a page filter to keep the date at 2017, I just need to fix this! I have read lots of articles on this too! The meeting column in linked directly to the primary key column (date) in the date table. Nothing seems to work, so what am I missing?!!!!


Can anybody help?!


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OK IM STUCK! Can any one please help? @Vicky_Song@v-haibl-msft ??


Im using this measure: 


Meetings Cumulative = 
    COUNTA ( 'NewMeetings'[Met Management Date] ),
ALL (DateDimension),
'DateDimension'[Date] <= MAX('DateDimension'[Date])

This gives:




which is great! because the cumulative chart also looks good. however, when i put in a legend for a field called group - this happens:





The gaps in the data effect my chart!

Can anyone tell me how i fix this? Please?!