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Crash on Publish

If I don't logged into PowerBI Desktop, when I click in Publish, the Login Screen of the Office 365 (OAuth2) appears and then PowerBI crashes.


I cannot put my credentials and I cannot close the login screen. I need to close PowerBI Desktop from the task manager.


If I already logged, this crash don't happen.

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This has happened to me as well.  Before clicking Publish I doubled checked that I was signed in within the Power BI desktop app.  When I clicked Publish the login screen appeared.  The screen is unresponsive though and I'm not able to enter my credentials.  There is a dialog box in the background that says "Working on it...".  The only way out is to shut down Power BI through Task Manager in Windows.






Please try to install the latest released PBI Desktop version. This issue should has been fixed.


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thank you @v-haibl-msft, in my tests works correctly after the update.


The login screen don't crash anymore.


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I have a user who seems to get this error also.  When he clicks publish but isn't signed in Power BI crashes.  This seems to only happen when he is making changes on the report while not signed in.  I'll see if logging in before publishing if he isn't signed is a reasonable work around.