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Couldn't load the data for this visual

When I refresh the data on my PowerBi Server I encounter this error message.



I used Direct Query. 

With the same data imported, I do not have any issue. However I need the Direct Query to reduce the size of the file. Could you please advise on how to solve this issus please?


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@mariehh ,


Which data source are you connecting? Please check if the data source supports direct query and also check if power bi desktop(report server) has been updated to the latest version.



Jimmy Tao

Frequent Visitor



I try to connect data from Azure SQL Database. The admin log and passwords are ok in the gateways part. The datasource should support Direct Query.


I use the PowerBi server available from the browser on Can you advise how to check it is the last version and if it is not how to update it please?


Thanks for your help