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Couldn't delete tile in Dashboard



We have found issue that one of the member in the group couldn't delete tile in dashboard. (There is no Trash icon option in ... menu). Even I have given him Admin permission but he still couldn't see Trash icon to remove the tile in dashboard.


fyi, he can publish his report to dashboard


Is there any step that I have missed?






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I have exactly the same issue and can't find any way to remove the unwanted tile.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.





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Can this member delete tile in the dashboard created by himself?


Best Regards,


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I'm having the same issue. The only way I can resolve is to completely delete the dashboard and start over.


I am having the same issue. My only options are "Go to report" or "Export to Excel". I need to delete the tile completely. I renamed a field and now I can't delete the tile, but I can add a new one.



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I'm having the same issue for broken tiles. I've fixed the underlying report, but can't get these tiles off the screen.



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I'm also having this issue. I made small adjustments to my report and now some tiles are broken and it won't let me delete any of them.

I can readd them, which seems to work, but I can't get rid of the old ones without deleting the whole dashboard.

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same issue described above - don't want to delete the dashboard and lose the view metrics for it.  like others, I'm the admin and created the reports and dashboards for this app.

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Same problem here.  I can't remove any broken tiles on my dashboards and there are many of them.  This must be fixed.