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Could not load oracle view data into power BI

Hi I've been looking at this for a while now and google isn't giving me any easy answers.


I have a datasource con nection set up to an oracle database, in which I have a made some views to generate datasets which I use to chart in power BI.


I've been testing this over the last week or so to autorefresh and they have been working fine, I refreshed them today (I've made no changes to the BI report or script that generates the view) and data that previously loaded has now disappeared.


Selecting from the view in ORacle directly returns the exact data I want, so it's not the script, I have other data sources that pull from oracle database views that are still working as well. But this particular one no longer refreshes even though it's just a different view under the same data connection, database, user etc.


Can't work out what's going wrong, as there's nothing obviously broken - no error messages or failures, it just loads an empty table with the correct column headers but no data. 


Help would be appreciated thanks.




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@Adamadamadam ,

Do you get the issue in Power BI Service? If so, what is the result after you refresh data in Power BI Desktop? If there is no issue refreshing data in Power BI Desktop, re-publish the PBIX file to Power BI Service and check the result.

In addition, what type of fields does your visual contain? Could you please share sample data of your table so that I can test?


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An update on this - the data refreshed this morning successfully and as expected. I've made no changes other than refreshing the data source. This was occuring both in the service and in PBI Desktop.


The data is very simple, it is a name, with  a date, and some %values:


E.g column headers would be name, date, count, %success, %failed


and example vals could be - Apple, 1/03/2019, 0.89, 0.11

                                              banana, 1/03/2019, 0.49, 0.51




There's a chance it may be down to the database or script I was using, however running the script and selecting from hte view in oracle returned the results I expected, and power BI gave me no errrors, (it's also working as expected now in power BI and the database) it just seemed to run very quickly and return nothing.