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Copy visual as image doesn't behave as expected with matrix

In the Power BI Service, copying a matrix visual doesn't behave quite as expected, as follows:

1. Custom table accent colours are not picked up, being overriden with the defaults when copied.

2. When copying a matrix from Focus view, it only copies the image of the visual exactly as if it's displayed on the original layout. I've used Focus mode to make more data visisble and would expect it to copy that new focussed view, not the original view on the report page.

I haven't checked if these behaviours are true with other visuals, but hopefully this can be looked at, because otherwise, Copy visualas image is a great feature.

Status: New
Community Support

Hi @damouk


1.  Which "table accent colours" did you mean? Would you please share some screenshots to clarify it? Do mask sensitive information in screenshots before uploading here. 


2.  Please also share screenshots to clarify this issue. Do mask sensitive information in screenshots as well. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Advocate II



1. To demonstrate the colour not copying correctly:

Here is a screenshot of the visual as it shows on the report with my colours set in the theme, using "tableAccent": "#f9bb05" in the json (because table accents can't be done in the theme editor yet):


Table Accent Colour Screenshot.PNG


And here it is copied as a visual using the icon in the visual header.

Table Accent Colour copied as visual.png

2. To demonstrate the copying from focus mode or report:

Here's my visual as it appears on the report, with lots of rows expanded, using a screenshot (it overflows the space):

Copied as visual - What report actually looks like.png

Here it is Copied from the report, using copy as visual, you can see it adds more rows, but not all - it doesn't copy the scrollbars, but you can see where they were as the right hand side of the text is just clipped off.

Copied as visual - in Focus.png

If I go into Focus mode and do a screenshot, you can see that I get all my data:

Copied as visual - what focus actually looks like.png


But when I screenshot in focus mode, I get the identical imate to the report, with lines of data missing, and not as displayed on screen:

Copied as visual - in Report.png


I hope that demonstrates what I'm refferring to.