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Copy and pasting queries from Power BI Desktop to Dataflows not working

Last week the ability to copy and paste queries from Power BI Desktop was working using control V. Since the releae of the May version of Power BI Desktop this function seems to no longer work. This was a great feature and it is a real pitty it is currently not working.

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Hi @dcresp


Based on my test, I'm able to copy Power Query from Power BI desktop version 2.81.5831.761 64-bit (May 2020), then paste it when we create a dataflow use Blank Query data source. Would you please test again? 


By the way, I'm running Chrome browser version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit). You could run the same browser then test it again. 





Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

Advocate IV

Copying and pasting from Advanced Editor in Desktop to Advanced Editor in Dataflows is certainly not an issue. What was working last week though and has not stoped working is copying the query from Desktop by clicking on one query, multiple queries or a folder and then using control V to past into Dataflows. I have tried from the May version of Desktop to the Dataflows in Chrome and Edge and nether is working. This was working prior to the May release od Desktop.

Advocate IV

@v-qiuyu-msft  can you please let me know if pasting into Dataflows using control paste as described above works for you. Thanks 

Advocate I

I have been having the same issue for the week or so. Pasting (Ctrl-V) into a dataflow editor online experience stopped working. 


Copying from PowerBI Desktop itself is not the probelm. I can copy and paste a set of queries from the Power Query Editor window, even without going into Advanced Editor. It is the Ctrl-V shortcut in the dataflow editor screen that stopped working.

Community Support

@dcresp @AndreyBear 


I have also make a test based on your steps but still couldn't reproduce this issue. The "Ctrl+V" button works normally in the advanced editor of dataflow page on my side. My power bi service version is 13.0.13387.241 and tenant is East US 2 (Virginia). Windows edition is Windows 10 Enterprise and windows version is 1909.


Would you please check if chrome and windows system has been updated to the latest version? 



Jimmy Tao

Advocate I

@v-yuta-msft @v-qiuyu-msft 


Try pasting without opening the advanced editor. Do this:


1. Select two or more queries from a dataflow or a PBi desktop

2. Hit copy (either from a right-click, or ctrl-c)

2. Go edit a dataflow

3. Try pasting those queries in as a set


Watch this This functionality was aslo working in Dataflows. 


I would guess most people copy/paste a whole solution into a dataflow after developing it in PBi desktop, because developing a dataflow in the online editor is very much impractical for at least these two reasons -

  1. Saving an edit to a single query triggers a schema validation, which takes anywhere from two to infinity minutes, 
  2. Taking more than 10-15 min to edit a query desyncs the editor, which then stops you from saving the query at all

We need that paste-whole-set functionality to work again. Without it, I have to keep a log of whatever queries i touched within a solution, and then go copy-paste them individually from the advanced editor. 


Advocate IV

Thank you @AndreyBear@v-qiuyu-msft  this is what I was reporting was not workig. It was not working when I reported it but I am glad to see that it is now working again. This issue can now be marked as resolved. 

Community Support

@dcresp ,


Glad to hear that.



Jimmy Tao

Community Support
Status changed to: Accepted