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Copy a Visual - Table Visual Missing Conditional Formatting and Colors are Incorrect

Just tried out the copy a visual and this is an awesome feature. That said I did notice a few issues when copying a table visual. In my case the table didn't copy the conditional formatting icons and it replaced the green table border with a purple border as shown in the following image. 




Now the purple may have something to do with my file and a potential theme or lack of themes. I'm sure over time I have tried out every theme to see what it would looke like. I say this because I also have a bar chart that is green in Power BI Service but when Copied as an image the bars are also purple. 


Power BI Service



Visual after copy to image from Power BI Service. 


That said, I did copy another table visual that has databars and the databars did export correctly. 

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I've been using PowerBI Tiles to export from the PBI Service to Powerpoint. They have the same problem with colors not staying what is defined by the theme and individually in charts. They told me the API's don't support that but they sure need to!!! If this is the same issue, please fix that so we can keep coloring consistent in a file.




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Hi @lmf232s


From this blog, you can see it's the limitation currently. 


Why is my visual not pasting correctly?

There are limitations around Copy Visual including:

  • Limited support for custom visual formatting such as:
    • Visuals with applied themes and colors
    • Tile scaling when pasting
    • Custom visuals with animations
  • Copying constraints:
    • Cannot redirect users to content with Odata filters and sticky states such as personal bookmarks
    • Pinned live pages are not supported 
  • Applications with limited support for pasting HTML-formatted content from the clipboard may not render everything that was copied from the visual

@LonOrenstein You issue is different from topic of this thread. Please post in a new thread with detail information. Thanks. 


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Qiuyun Yu

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We are experiencing similar issues. 


Also using our own custom theme file, and the colour of the line in the line chart is being changed to purple when copied.


More significantly, it is cropping the visual so we can only see the top half (cant see x-axis etc).



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I have similar issue with Stacked bar chart, where the colours based on theme are turned into different shades of grey after pasting the image. I don't see a point in publishing this kind of functionality, which doesn't handle the theme colours, because theme is something Microsoft has been promoting a lot and I suppose is widely used. Our customer was very dissappointed.