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Continuous Error on Scheduled Refreshes

Hi, since last on premise gateway update (version 3000.2.47) I am getting a lot of the following errors in scheduled refreshes: "Before the data import for [table_name] finished, its data source timed out. Double-check whether that data source can process import queries, and if it can, try again." I've already checked the database and network and everything is ok as usual. ¿Have other users reported the same issue lately?

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Having the same issue on multiple refreshes since the gateway update was applied

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@Tompbi616 I realised they released two updates in the same week. I really think they've broken something.

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Same issues for me.


Today I have also issues with manual refresh.


@QEDavidLayton @FraCor @haizman @Tompbi616 ,

This is a known issue, please check the information in Power BI support site.


Status changed to: Accepted
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"Awerness" point regarding refresh disappeared but I still can observed the issue.
Is it only in my case?
For all of You case is solved?

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Still broken for me. Anyone else? No fix has been issued.


Still broken for me too. Is there any option to downgrade to december/november version? I can't updating it by hands anymore

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If you run the install file again from their website it has actually been patched. At least on our end no more issues. It increments the version number when you check against the version that's messed up. It just appears as though they didn't announce it.