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Content Package dataset is not imported to Workspace

Hi there,

I´ve created a Content Package (i.e. cpa) from one specific workspace (i.e. wsa) and published its dataset all my organization. Then I created a new Workspace (i.e. wsb). Now I'm trying to import this dataset from cpa to wsb. I can find cpa, but after hit the get button, the Powe BI Service doesn´t report any error, but the dataset just not appears at wsb.


Check this 30s video:

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I've just run a new test.


I published the Content Package having 1 report and the dataset (selected to be published automatic). When I import this Content Package to my new workspace, the report is importet, but the dataset area of this workspace remains empty.


Hi @hugoss ,


There might existing some delay to reflect the changes. Please wait for a while or refresh the web page after installing the content pack into WSB.



Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

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