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Connection to Analysis Services lost

If Power BI loses a connection to an Analysis Services database/ Model then it does not give the user a chance to re-connect to the database. You're not able to connect to the model then the user is unable to close the below pop up box. This then mean the user has to force a close in order to continue.  



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Hi @Sumai


When you open the report, is there a pop-out window looks like below? If it is, you can click on Edit button to modify the SSAS server and database values. 


MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png

Otherwise, you can modify the file extension from pbix to zip, then open the Connections file, modify the SSAS connection string. Please do back up the pbix file before do this change. 




Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Not always, basically sometimes whilst im working on a report the connect can be lost to a cube/ database etc. When this happens that box will pop up, but it does not allow you to edit it (i never get an option to edit the connect - not when working from a SSAS cube) or even close it. And so you are unable to correct the issue, therefore you have to close the entire power BI application down. Now it does auto save the work, however when working on multiple reports this can be very annnoying.