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Conflict Permissions Workspace x RLS

Following good practices, I separated the project into Data Flow, Data Sets and Reports / Dashboards.


I created the RLS functions in the data set, gave access to this RLS function in the Data Set SECURITY item.


I created the application and gave access to the appropriate users (Ex: user02 @).


Logging in with the user account (user02 @) who received access to the application, I open the reports / dashboards that were shared with the user (user02 @) and he complains that he does not have access to the data.


Returning the main account (user01 @), I go to the workspace access settings and (user02 @) access is configured as VIEWER.


I have a conflict here, because if you leave in the VIEWER access mode for the RLS to work, the application data is not loaded because it complains that it cannot access the data set. And if I change the access mode of the workspace to MEMBER, CONTRIBUTOR or ADMINISTRATOR, data access is OK, but I lose the functionality of the RLS.


How to get around this? Or do we have a bug in PowerBI?


Note: Both accounts (user01 @ and user02 @) are PRO accounts.


Status: New
Advocate I

Don't give them access to the workspace at all - share the workspace contents as an app and don't use the viewer role. 

Community Support



A similar issue has been reported internally. 

CRI 226150303


This is by design and the user will not be able to access the content with viewer role here and would at least need a contributor or member access.