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Configure ADX URL with M-Parameter not working in BI Service - necessary for Deployment

Hi everyone,

we have found an issue with Power-BI Service and ADX Data source.

We want to configure our BI Reports against different deployment stages and are using parameters to switch the data source as described here.

This works fine for Azure SQL Data Source and ADX Data Source in Import Mode, but does not work for ADX in DirectQuery mode in BI Service. So again

The following is working:

  • Switch data source of Azure-SQL Server - BI Desktop & Service
  • Switch data source of ADX in Import mode - BI Desktop & Service
  • Switch data source of ADX in DirectQuery mode - BI Desktop

The following results to visual errors:

  • Switch data source of ADX in DirectQuery mode - BI Service

The error we got from visual is: The visualization cannot be displayed (without further helpful details)

Here an example of the query which causes the error:

Quelle = AzureDataExplorer.Contents(EnvironementSwitchADX, null, null, null),
public = Quelle{[Name="public"]}[Data],
PUB_TSM_FN_Issues1 = public{[Name="PUB_TSM_FN_Issues"]}[Data]

Replacing the parameter "EnvironmentSwitchADX" by the static Kusto URL fixes the error, but we don't want to have static URLs here..


Is that a known issue? Or does anybody have an workaround for this?


Thank you in advance,


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if change: AzureDataExplorer.Contents() to Kusto.Contents() to have a test.


and also have a look this document:





Helper I

Hey Lin,

thank you very much for your proposed workaround... and it WORKS!

So with


the error is gone. With


we have errors shown in our Visuals (without any helpful error message).

Since "Kusto.Contents" is a legacy mode for "AzureDataExplorer.Contents", it should be fixed IMHO.

How can I help, e.g. with further information, to support the developers for fixing that?

Thank you in advance,