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Conditional formatting in matrix by field doesn't work with data bars



Today I noticed I couldn't show "Data bars" based on a different field, however you could show "Background color" or "Font color" based on a field you can choose. This is a little weird as this is just as useful. For example: I need this for a managementreport where I want to show the amount in a column but I want the data bar to fill the column based on a "% measure".

This doesn't seem consistent behaviour of the conditional formatting 😞


This is probably a new feature and not a bug but I think it also might be considered as a feature that is now delivered for 67% and the remaining 33% is yet to come?


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Hi @svenvu,


Based on my test, we can only set data bars for the matrix Values bucket columns based on themselves rather than a measure. For your requirement, you can submit a idea here:


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Qiuyun Yu 

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Status changed to: Delivered