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Conditional Background Stopped Working

I have an image that I have applied conditional formatting to.  The conditional formatting works fine in  Power BI Desktop and it was working last week; however, now the conditional formatting does not seem to be applied at all.

 Document Approval in Desktop.JPGImage with conditional formatting in Power BI DesktopDocument Approval in Workspace.JPGImage in the Workspace

Image Setup in Desktop.JPGConditional formatting setup

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Community Support Team

@cbhoffm1 ,


I could reproduce your issue. The solution is to click the "Refresh" button in the report page. This issue should be related to browser cache, please clear the browser cache.




Jimmy Tao

New Member

I tried using the Refresh button through the service and yes it does make the images show, but only for that single session.  If you reopen the report or even navigate to a different tab, it shows as it previously did.  Also, I logged into the service using an incognito window to make sure there were not cache issues and the same issue exists.

Frequent Visitor

Hi Jimmy (@v-yuta-msft ),


Our end users view the report through a portal and don't have access to the refresh button.  It also doesn't make sense to ask the user to refresh the report immediately after it has initially loaded.  Also please see @iqvia_jfls response above regarding the navigation across tabs.



we are experiencing the same issue using conditional formatting on background color on buttons. It works in the desktop but has stopped working in the service. 

best regards

Jarle Jacobsen

Frequent Visitor

I'm facing this exact issue too. I'm using the contional formatting to a field value:


MakeButtonTransparent = IF(ISFILTERED(Sheet1[SlicerValues]), "#4363d8", "white")


This worked perfectly on the desktop workspace, but once I published it to the online service the conditional formatting isn't working in the same manner. The report loads fine and looks good upon opening it online. However, once a selection is made in the slicer it's as if the conditional formatting of the background color on the button is reversed.


Dekstop Version:





Online Version:

first opening:

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 2.46.58 PM.png

Slicer selection made but button background stays white

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 2.47.13 PM.png

Cleared the slicers and now the background color of blue appears

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 2.47.25 PM.png

Community Support Team

@cbhoffm1 @DanWilson @jarjac @iqvia_jfls ,


Sorry for late, this should be a HTML bug. I will report this issue internally and update here when I get any response from PG.



Jimmy Tao

Community Support Team

@cbhoffm1 @DanWilson @jarjac @iqvia_jfls ,


The issue has been fixed.



Jimmy Tao