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Composite Model Report Creating Measure with Duplicate Name Freezes PowerBI

How to replicate the issue:


  1. Create a composite model and publish it.
  2. Open PowerBI desktop and choose the composite powerbi dataset as the source
  3. Create a measure and name it the same as any existing measure in the composite model.


At this point powerBI gives an error which says "The name <name of measure> is already used in .... Choose a different name" This makes sense.


But you also see "a working on it..." overlay and then that's the state powerbi stays in until you force PowerBI to close thus potentially losing any unsaved work.


I believe this is a bug.



Status: New
Community Support


According to my test, I can reproduce the same issue as yours:



I have reported this issue internally, ICM: 249555117

I will update here once I get any information.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Community Support

Hi @sunil-al ,

Engineers are working on a fix. And it will be fixed in the version of next month. Please download it and try again in August. 

Thanks for your patience.