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Comments do not create a full bookmark which is confusing



When a user personalizes a visual in a report and adds a comment, Power BI creates a bookmark for that comment for the selected view of the report. But when another user views that comment, the original visual is shown instead of the personalized visual.

It seems that Power BI doesn't add the personalizations of the visual in the bookmark.

So when other measures are selected or other fields are added in a Matrix visual on rows or columns, those changes are not saved in the bookmark which is very confusing for commenting on personalized visuals because those comments often don't make sense and add a lot of confusing to the experience. We use a Power BI Premium environment.


Power BI documentation:


Am I missing something, like a setting that includes the changes in the bookmark?

Or is there something the Power BI team can do to remove the confusing? We would really appreciate any solution!

Feel free to contact me for reproducing the issue.


Friendly greets

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