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Colour legend in the visuals uses only the default colours

Hi, I installed the latest version of powerbi desktop and I used the "Format String Expression" in the calcution group.

After this change all the visuals connected to the model, where there is a colour set by the developer, now use the default colour of the theme (only the legend property). I tried do change this colour but it is not possible (Power bi desktop and even on the web). I tried to remove the format string expression the colours come back the previos version and it is possible change the colour.

I think there is a bug.

Someone can support me to find a workaround? Will be resolved in the next version of Power bi desktop?



Status: New
Community Support



Similar issue has been reported: CRI 198782023.


I have checked in a fix, and it will be deployed to PROD on 8.3 train, on the week of August 17-21.