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Color Saturation option missing on charts

Hello, since upgrading to November 2018 version, the "color saturation" bucket is missing from most charts, bar / column, stacked / clustered. I have confirmed it works ok in previous PBI Desktop version. This is serious issue as we now cannot modify existing reports using this functionality.PBI november 2018.pngNovember - missingPBI october 2018.PNGOctober - color saturation is there

Status: Delivered
Helper I

Yes, I have the same issue. The November releaese reverted all the graphs with color saturation to default and the option to put this right has disappeared!

Advocate II

Yes, same issues here. Please up-vote this issue if you're experiencing the same. Thanks!


@lehuok @benswift,

As per this blog, in November release of Power BI Desktop, all the visuals that previously used color saturation are upgraded to have the same conditional formatting experience as table and matrix currently has. You can use conditional formatting feature instead of color saturation.


Status changed to: Delivered
Helper I

The problem it doesn't seem possible to put things back the way they were. I've tried re-applying the colors based on a Measure (which worked fine before), but under Advanced controls, when Color scale is selected under Format by, even though the file has retained my original high/low colors and Minimum (Lowest value) and Maximum (Highest value), the formatting doesn't apply. Also, if you try to use Format by Field value, it won't accept a Measure (the field has a red border indicating an error or invalid selection). So basically it seems like an option which previous existed - saturation by values returned by a Measure - no longer does.

Helper I

The only way you can get somewhere is by hard-coding min and max values, which is not satisfactory for obvious reasons (these values need to be dynamic depending on your data distribution and filter selections).

Helper I

Actually looks like you can do this, but there's a bug which means when you create the chart from scratch and use a Measure, it's OK, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get the existing visual back the way it was.