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Clicking Visuals (bar chart) are not filtering the slicers like it used to

Clicking visuals like bar chart, pie chart are not filtering the slicers like it used to.


Clicking the slicers are filtering the visual but not vice versa. 


I have checked several reports on the Web Service that were made last year and its happening there too!!!!!


This has now rendered a lot of reports less than useless if the filters are not being dynamically updated as the report is being filtered by users making selections from a visual chart.


In fact it just makes the reports break by, allowing values to remain in the filters that are no longer in the selected data.


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To my knowledge, this is designed by default for built-in slicer that another visuals couldn't filter built-in slicer.


for your requirement, you could download custom visual from appsource to get it, for example, use hierarchy slicer instead of built-in slicer






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Sorry but no.    To my experience this was not the case.


Up until recently the built in slicer was being filtered when users made a selection on a built-in chart.


Many of our reports are no longer working as they once were.


I was actually questioning if I was remembering this correctly or not myself yesterday, if this was always the case or not....


Then I recall on one report I had to make an exception on a specific visual's interactions to stop one filter from being reduced, for the purpose of making that report work correctly.


The interactions between visual charts and filteres has been changed.


Having to go back into many reports and begin the process of swapping out built-in visuals for 3rd party ones is not a viable solution.


Is there anywhere (document or URL) where MS has stated they have made this change on purpose or by design, and their reasoning for it?

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I have tested it with the previous version (2.86.902.0 64-bit (October 2020)),

other visuals couldn't filter built-in slicer too, 

you could tested it with previous version by yourself.


I would suggest you try to use custom visual from appsource to get it.