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Chart displaying a different number to actual number

I'm having an issue with my chart in the desktop file to the published website chart. All of the numbers are seven days out. It is a calculated field in the dataset of the desktop file. However, when I click on the slicer, it shows the correct number of days. I have attached some images to help show the differences.


When these numbers are displayed in a table, it shows the correct numbers.

Desktop chart.PNGDesktop FileWebsite published chart.PNGPublished website chartWebsite published chart with filter.PNGPublished website chart with filter

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Hi @AJS ,


Would you please provide some dummy data that can also reproduce this problem? How is the "Days FAI free" calculated? Please show its corresponding formula.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

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and the calculated fields for the chart are 

Days FAI Free = datediff('Injury Free Days'[Date of Last FAI], TODAY(), DAY)
I have found that the chart works if I include all of the [HV Business PC], but if I filter out the "Structures" HV Business PC at the page level so it doesn't show in the slicer or chart then the problem of the seven days difference occurs.