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Chart difference between Desktop and web


I am publishing a report from Desktop (Visual A below) with a visual (line/bar chart) that has the same scale for 2 different measures. It works fine in Desktop, but whenever I publish (Visual B) it has the line values capped at the upper end of the bar values. I have tried amending the formatting, but it makes no difference.


What is going wrong?


Visual A





Visual B




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Community Support

Hi, @Mark_Tracy 

According to my test, the line/bar chart displayed correctly both in the Power BI desktop and service, here are the screenshots:







Therefore, I suggest you to downlaod the latest version of Power BI Desktop and try again.


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Frequent Visitor

@v-robertq-msft Hi Robert,


I've checked and my version is Version: 2.92.1067.0 64-bit (April 2021)


I've also checked with my colleagues and we are convinced it's a bug, since we all have the same problem. When publishing it seems to think the line should be on the secondary axis (shows the seecondary axis on the right) but the Secondary Axis is not checked.


I don't know what to do now.




Community Support

Hi, @Mark_Tracy 

Would you like to share some information about what’s the kind of chart you used and the sample picture of the columns placed in this chart so that we can make a test? Like this:



Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin