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Changes to report pages are not reflected in the service when accessing the report from a dashboard

Here's what I've done:

  • Create a report (verison 1), upload to service, pin a visual as a tile in a dashboard
  • In Desktop, edit the report's layout (not its data), add/delete graphs and other visual elements (report version 2)
  • Republish to the service, without re-pinning the visual to the dashboard

Here's the behavior I've seen:

  • The tile remains up-to-date with each and every subsequent refresh and republishing of the .pbix file to the service.  This is expected.
  • When a user clicks on the dashboard tile, it takes them to report version 1's layout and visual elementsChanges made to the report are not reflected.  This is unexpected.
  • If the report has multiple pages, a user can navigate to a different page, then back to the page containing the visual associated with the dashboard tile.  In this case, report version 2's layout and visual elements are loaded.

It seems like the entire report page a pinned visual came from is being stored and recalled when a user clicks on the tile, instead of referencing the most up-to-date version of the report page.  This doesn't seem right.

Status: Needs Info

@andrewbrick ,

Except adding/deleting visuals in the report, what specific layout do you refer to? Do you make any changes to the pinned visuals in the Power BI Report? Do you set schedule refresh for the dataset in Power BI Service?

I make a test by adding some other visuals in the same report page with pinned visuals, when I re-publish the PBIX file to Power BI Service and click dashboard tile, it navigates me to the new report page which has newly added visuals.


Status changed to: Needs Info
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