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Change color of Card visual or the text in Card dynamically



I need to change color of the text or visual dynamically i.e the range for color changes periodically.


Ex: Suppose I am using Sales measure in card visual(CARD WITH STATES VISUAL) where If value is less than 1000 it should be green else red.

Now the range changes periodically it might get less 2000 then green otherwise red.


Therfore currently I have to do it manually in Pbix file. Can it be made dynamically.

Thanks for providing solution.

Status: Delivered

Hi @abhiigt,


As the condition for the color is changing periodically, we need to manually modify the condition in pbix file periodically as well. It's not supported to change condition out side of the Power BI desktop currently.  


You can vote up or comment in this similar idea:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

Status changed to: Delivered