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Change Data Source to Sharepoint

1.PNGPicture 12.PNGPicture 23.PNGPicture 34.PNGPicture 4Hello,
please, I need to change source in my Power BI report and connect it to sharepoint.
I have the access to the sharepoint.
But there is error message that it’s not possible to authenticate with my credentials…

1. picture -> I need to sign in

2. picture -> I’m already signed in

3. picture -> I need to choose the level to which are the settings supposed to be applied

4. picture -> And then the error message

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,
Michal Slavik

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What version of Power BI Desktop do you use?Do you want to connect to SharePoint online folder or SharePoint online file?

Please follow the steps below and check if it works.

1. Import Sharepoint data source in a new PBIX file, please make sure that you have cleared the existing sharepoint permissions in Power BI Desktop before you import data.

2. Go to Advanced Editor and copy data source code.

3. go to your original table that points to the old data source and replace the source code with the new source code.


Status changed to: Needs Info
Status changed to: Needs Info
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this is something I've already tried. The problem is that I can't connect the sharepoint with Power BI, so I also can't upload sharepoint data.

I want to upload excel files from sharepoint folder to Power BI. I use the latest version of Power BI.when I put url to folder where the excel file is.PNG

Thank you in advance,
Michal Slavik


@Michal ,

What is the result when you use SharePoint folder connector in  Power BI Desktop? Do you enter the root URL of SharePoint site?