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Change Column Size PowerBI Service Issue



is it possible that the latest update obstructs an easy way of size columns by report users ?


This "size column" symbol doesn't appear that "easy" anymore, whereas before: no issue or problem to size the column to whatever you'd like.



And again, no issue in powerbi desktop. Only online.






Status: New
Community Support


This issue has been displayed as awareness on the Power BI support page. So just stay tuned and wait for the update.



What's more, a similar issue has been reported internally, ICM: 259743281


And this is the latest updated message from pg:

We've identified an issue where visuals are getting 5px less space than before with this latest update.  To push a fix will take some time, however -- our current ETA will be to deploy the fix starting early next week

As a workaround, set the top padding in the Border card to 0.  The border may need to be enabled and set to a clear color (matching background or with conditional-formatting color with the alpha set to 0) in order to change this value.  Alternatively, once the fix is deployed, no change will need to be made.


Thank you very much!


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin