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Certain fonts are not displaying correctly when importing custom themes from json file

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by DJ95 Frequent Visitor on ‎02-11-2019 07:48 AM



I have written a json file to import my own theme to my report but am experiencing problems where I have coded the fonts to be either "DIN" or "Segoe (Bold)". These are both examples of my code.


"card": {
  "*": {
    "labels": [
        "color": { "solid": { "color": "#dc0002" } },
        "labelDisplayUnits": "0",
        "fontSize": 40,
        "fontFamily": "DIN"
"columnHeaders": [
    "fontColor": { "solid": { "color": "#000000" } },
    "backColor": { "solid": { "color": "#90a0b0" } },
    "outline": "Bottom only",
    "autoSizeColumnWidth": true,
    "fontFamily": "Segoe (Bold)",
    "fontSize": 8,
    "alignment": "Auto",
    "urlIcon": false,
    "wordWrap": true



This is what it should look like:


This is what it does look like:


Can anyone explain why this is happening and how to fix it?


Status: Accepted
by Moderator v-qiuyu-msft
on ‎02-12-2019 07:44 PM

Hi @DJ95,


I have reported this issue internally: CRI 104641462. Will update here once I get information. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

by Moderator v-qiuyu-msft
on ‎02-12-2019 07:45 PM
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