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Case expressions may only be nested to level 10.

Hi There and happy new year,


I've been running a report since 03-2017 with an "added conditional Column".It has 16 rows of conditions.


2018-01-08 09_52_25-.png

After applying the Dec 2017 update, I'm now receiving the following error and there isnt much I can find when trying to google the error except SQL referrences on correcting the syntax structure of nested case expressions in SQL. 


2018-01-08 09_56_09-MS ManagerV3_Inventory - Query Editor.png


I'm not sure how to fix this from myside. Our department relies on the report hourly. 

As I've mentioned its been working for 9 months and suddenly an error.


Hope its a easy fix?


Kind regards


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Hi there,


Same problem here. I downgraded to november's update, it worked just fine.


Probably something changed or is wrong in december version.



Waiting for solution in current version.



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 @rafaelrfuentes Thank you for your response.


Please would you share your November version, I didnt keep mine. There is no option that I could see on power bi's website to download previous versions.


Thank you in advance.


PS. Once you saved and published again using the Noverver release, did the cloud service refresh schedule work without errors. Wondering if the Novermber release is only going to fix the ablilty to do manual uploads. Will have to test.

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You can find previous versions of Power BI here:

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But any one knows how to fix the issue here?

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I upgraded to the latest version again and saw the error again:


DataSource.Error: Microsoft SQL: Case expressions may only be nested to level 10.
Incorrect syntax near '$Outer'.

   Message=Case expressions may only be nested to level 10.
Incorrect syntax near '$Outer'.

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Hi All,


Please reinstall the January 2018 version that was released yesterday. I can verify the issue is gone with my test.


Best Regards,


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I've updated to the January version and still get the error. My thoughts is to try again by uninstalling and then reinstalling instead of updating. 


Note: More specfically I've got conditions of about 16 lines/rows between 3 columns and the error even persisted after recreating the conditional column using the January 2018 version. 


Will let you know.


@simontaylor, nice site of previous versions. Thanks



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No, no luck by freshly reinstalling the Jan 2018 version. 


I've  installed the November version and its working again (locally). November's mashup engine seems to work.


Once published to the power bi cloud service(November version), I intiated a manually sync and it worked, now we back in the game of things.


If we go back to the below notification in December regarding the gateway update it may be a step closer in identifying when the error started accuring for some.


2018-01-09 11_05_09-On-premises data gateway December update is now available _ Microsoft Power BI B.png




Do I install a new latest gateway( i dont want to chance updating my existing gateway), Update the SQL server to the latest CU version and reinstall the Jan 2018 release just to see if its more compatible with regards to the highlighted notification. 


There goes my day for problem solving, 🙂 Power bi could be saying "Just Walk it off princess." 


Just glad for the November workaround to get things working for our department.


Down the rabbit hole we go. . . .



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Hi @raynok,


I'm going to report this issue. I will update later. The workaround of adding conditional column could be using DAX formula instead. (You can add more conditions)

Column =
SWITCH ( [id], 1, 10, 2, 20, 3, 30, 4, 40, 999 )



Best Regards,


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Yes that would work, will first create a new index column starting from 1 then use the dax formula as mentioned. 

@v-jiascu-msft - Thank you, appreciate it. 


Will still pursue the upgrades in the interim.


kind regards