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Case expressions may only be nested to level 10.

Hi There and happy new year,


I've been running a report since 03-2017 with an "added conditional Column".It has 16 rows of conditions.


2018-01-08 09_52_25-.png

After applying the Dec 2017 update, I'm now receiving the following error and there isnt much I can find when trying to google the error except SQL referrences on correcting the syntax structure of nested case expressions in SQL. 


2018-01-08 09_56_09-MS ManagerV3_Inventory - Query Editor.png


I'm not sure how to fix this from myside. Our department relies on the report hourly. 

As I've mentioned its been working for 9 months and suddenly an error.


Hope its a easy fix?


Kind regards


Status: Accepted
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Fix confirmed.

Frequent Visitor

It 🙂 looks like it is working, finially I can say goodbye to the November release and hello February. Looking forward. . .


Thank you Power BI Team. 


I have just encountered this problem.