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Card visuals keep resizing and changing place



Something very annoying and strange. Whenever i set the size and place of the cards (perfectly aligned), once published i get them moved and not where initially placed:


Originally before published:

card visual.JPG

Any advice how to lock them and not keep changing? I tried locked option doesnt seem it worked.

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I tried the latest version and it seems to work fine for me. You may also try Multi-row card and raise a support ticket for assistance if necessary.

Continued Contributor
Actually, I think the issue is happening because sometimes a visual is slightly on top of another, and the system automatically resizes the visuals so they are not on top of each other, just like if you make a visual bigger than the page the size box will become red and you will get the ! warning sign. I am with the latest version as well, please test if you put them slightly above each other and see if this happens to you as well. As you can see for the naked eye it seems they are aligned perfectly, so even if they are a little bit on top of each other its not obvious. The other thing you can do is once you align them the same way like me, select all visuals and move them in any directions with the arrows, then you will see all of the boxes resizing themselves automatically to what the system believes is the right size for each one of them. Hope this helps.