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Card With State - No text displaying as of 9/18/2017

As of midday 9/18/2017, the card with states custom visual from OKViz stopped displaying text as specified in the 'Measure' field of the visuals pane. This is causing major headaches.


I've spoken with the visual creator who said the issue is in the Power BI code as opposed to the custom visual code. Can this be resolved? When switching the visual to the 'Table' visual, all the data remains as expected, but the Card With States visual isn't showing the text specified in the Measure field any longer. This is clearly an error. Are you working to correct this issue? Any feedback would be appreciated as we've used this visual around 1,000 times for a variety of different cases and having no text renders them useless. Thanks in advance!

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Seeing text and coloring as before. Thank you for escalating this issue. Much appreciation.

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 @v-haibl-msft or @mark-awhere


Can any of you please help understand the difference between "Measure" and "States Measure"?


If I place a non-numeric value in measure, it is displayed as "NaN" on the card. 


I essentially need to understand the purpose of "Measure" and "State Measure" and if I can use "Measure" to display text in the box while using "State Measure" to decide the color of the background. 


Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 9.41.12 AM.png

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@aviral, you are correct on the purpose.  You can use "Measure" to display a label of one value, and then use "States Measure" to use a different value to control background color rendering.


To resolve the NaN display issue, you can set the Data Label display to Auto.

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Thanks for the clarification. It was not working in the PBI Desktop for some reason that I am still to figure out. (I tried clearing the cache in the PBID but that did not help). 


But when I went to the web interface, entered edit mode, imported the new visual and put the fields in... it started working just fine. 


Great relief. Thanks a lot for your prompt and to-the-point responses. Your commitment for this visual is much apprecaited. It was great to know that I am not the only one facing these issues and that there is someone who is working on resolving it. 


I think next step for me will be to deep-dive and get into creating a few custom visuals of my own to get complete control over the visualizations.


The workaround that I used, while it was not working, was to put the field deciding the background color in the "Measure" section and reduced the font to 8, then placed a card visual to display text on top of the color background. Worked fine except for times when the font 8 item was visible at times as I could not redue the font beyond 8 and could not chose font color for it either. 


Fixing all the reports back. 

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Hi, I've been trying to figure this out without any luck. The card is just showing empty, I tried updating the card but I can't find what the issue is.  Any help is appreciated.