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Card With State - No text displaying as of 9/18/2017

As of midday 9/18/2017, the card with states custom visual from OKViz stopped displaying text as specified in the 'Measure' field of the visuals pane. This is causing major headaches.


I've spoken with the visual creator who said the issue is in the Power BI code as opposed to the custom visual code. Can this be resolved? When switching the visual to the 'Table' visual, all the data remains as expected, but the Card With States visual isn't showing the text specified in the Measure field any longer. This is clearly an error. Are you working to correct this issue? Any feedback would be appreciated as we've used this visual around 1,000 times for a variety of different cases and having no text renders them useless. Thanks in advance!

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A workaround to have the text appear is to have 2 similar cards. One contains the text and the other contains the visual. Just overlap the boxes so that the text and visual appears together.




Some other users have already reported this issue to Power BI Team. The custom visual team is investigating this problem.


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This issue is going to cause us to have to move on from using the OKViz control if it's not resolved soon.  Any feedback would be greatly appreaciated by our engineers.

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Checked the example PBIX file and realized that the usage has changed. 


Whatever you were using to control the background color has to be now placed in the "States Measures" field has to be now moved into the "Measures" field. 


I basically use it to control the background color of a patch in the report and it helped when I made that change.


Earlier, it was not so and we could have background color controlled by a field in the "States Measures" and what appears in the box was decided by "Measures" now both are being managed by "Measures" so what you put in "Measures" parameter will decide the background color.  


Refer this thread too:

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I'm seeing text labels now from Power BI Embedded, and the browser console reports "Card with States by OKViz 1.3.7".


However, 1.3.7 has a bug that prevents rendering based on "State Measures" as described above and here:


How long will it be before 1.3.8 is in Power BI Embedded?  Is there any way to force Power BI Embedded to use a specific version of a custom visualization?


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This issue should be fixed now. You can clear the Desktop CEF cache and then have a try (%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\CEF).


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Hi @v-haibl-msft


I deleted all content inside the cache folder in (%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\CEF) but I am still unable to see the color in the background. 


I tried it by importing it into PBI web too but same issue there. 


Am I missing on something? 



This is a new issue which is different from the original issue raised in this thread.



It seems that you raise the background issue to okviz in But based on my test, it seems the issue persists in cardWithStatesByOKViz-1.3.8B as following screenshot.

Are you able to reopen it in GitHub?


Card With State - No text displaying as of_1.jpg


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@v-haibl-msft, the fix is working for me.  My screenshot is below, with an = comparison.  I updated the control, saved the report, reopened, and things started working.


I think the color is correct for the comparison operator and values you have chosen.  StateMeasure (100) is > State A value (10), so the card displays red.


state measure.png