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Cant subscribe to reports

Cant subscribe to reports. Below is error:


Activity IDd69da86f-64e7-4b72-a4e2-9194eece1d3f Request ID996112c3-656f-83a4-1439-a2007555aef1 Correlation ID08672ec0-c743-0ba8-5317-a8626839dc69 TimeMon Mar 30 2020 18:39:33 GMT+0500 (Pakistan Standard Time) Service version13.0.12739.201 Client version2003.3.020 Cluster URI

Status: New
Community Support

Hi @shayanrizwan


1. Please check if the recipient is in AAD tenant. If not, please add it in your AAD tenant. 

2. There is a limitation listed in this document


"Your organization may configure certain settings in Azure Active Directory that limit the ability to use email subscriptions in Power BI. These limitations include, but aren't limited to, having multi-factor authentication or IP range restrictions when accessing resources."


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu