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Cannot sign in to register my gateway,

After installing the Power BI Gateway software on an on premise windows 2016 virtual server, I entered my email address to register the gateway. Next I clicked sign in and a pop-up box comes that says "Sign in to your account". This pop up was blank except for that one statement in the upper left portion. It had no where that I could enter any credentials. After several minutes I closed the pop up and I get the error "Failed to sign in. Please verify your credentials and try again.".  Has anybody else encountered this problem? 

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Community Support

Hi @DaleWare


Please ensure you have installed the latest on-premises data gateway version. Restart the machine then test again. If the issue still occurs, please check if required ports are allowed based on this document:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

New Member

Thank you Qiuyun Yu,

As requested I have verified that we did install the most recent version of the gateway.  Looking at the link you sent we started checking ports on the server and found port 443 to be blocked. I have submitted a ticket for our network team to unblock this port.  Hopefully this will get us to a point that we can register our new gateway and start working.


Thanks again,

Dale Ware