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Cannot rename columns in PBI Desktop when using DirectQuery with a PBI Dataflow

I have a PBI Desktop report connected to a series of PBI dataflows. I know DirectQuery supports the renaming of columns but am finding I cannot rename the columns without getting an "This steps results in a query that is not supported in DirectQuery message." There are NO custom steps applied beyond a simple rename step:


REALLY hoping I don't have to rename back at the source dataflow as that will be rather time-consuming as the dataflow processees a large amount of data.

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According to my research, it seems not to be a limitation which is explained in the official document of Microsoft:



And I can rename the columns correctly in my side:



Therefore, I suggest you to update to the latest version of the Power BI desktop and try to republish the report to the service again to overwrite the original report and check if this problem can disappear.


Best Regards,

Community Support Team _Robert Qin

Helper III

@v-robertq-msft, thanks for the reply. That's what my research showed as well. I'm running the Version: 2.97.861.0 64-bit (September 2021), and the error persists. I continue to see that error when I rename a column that is coming from a PBI Dataflow with DirectQuery. Very frustrating.