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Cannot open one particular report in online Power BI Service - getting an error related to service

Facing issues to open reports in service


I was able to open a particular report earlier this week in the Power BI Online service. But cannot open it from yesterday (09/16/2021).




A copy of the exact same report (with different name) works in the service. All other reports also seem to be working. But this one report keeps giving this error (even after republishing it). It's working fine in Power BI desktop. The data source is in Azure SQL, and all other reports connected to same data source are working. I need to keep the original report (as it's also being embedded somewhere else). The issue has nothing to do with embedding, as i cannot even open the report in the service (without embedding).

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You may try Get Datasources In Group and Update Datasources In Group to have a check.

Resolver III


I did open a ticket with Microsoft Support. We narrowed it down to the issue happening when Azure SQL datasource is connected via Gateway. I have the gateway installed and being used as i am switching between and on-premise SQL datasource and Azure SQL datasource. It automatically uses the gateway. For the Azure SQL datasource when I switch OFF the gateway the error does not come up.

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Thanks for your update. Other community members may also benefit.