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Cannot copy paste objects ("something went wrong")



When I start out with an empty file I can copy-paste just fine. But at some point I get this error message:
"Something went wrong

An error occured when rendering the report"
From that point on I can't copy-paste anything anymore. No visuals, no buttons, no textboxes, nothing. Always getting the same error. I tried it on different machines as well, same issue. I have not found any similar reports of this problem, which is why I'm writing here.
Thanks in advance.

Feedback Type:
Frown (Error)

Error Message:
An error occurred while rendering the report.

Stack Trace:
at ms-pbi://
at traverseVisualContainerGroupsInternal (ms-pbi://
at Object.traverseVisualContainerGroups (ms-pbi://
at Object.duplicateCanvasItems (ms-pbi://
at Object.<anonymous> (ms-pbi://
at step (ms-pbi://
at (ms-pbi://
at ms-pbi://
at new Promise (ms-pbi://
at __awaiter (ms-pbi://

Status: New
Community Support



I cannot reproduce it with the latest version of Power BI Desktop. You may check Minimum requirements and Troubleshoot opening Power BI Desktop