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Cannot connect to resource (meeting room) calendar

I cannot connect to room calendar using my own user login which has Read Only permission to the room calendar. I can get to the resource mailbox, I see 5 folders (tables) Calendar, Mail, Meeting Requests, People, Tasks.


When I tick Calendar I keep getting error:


"ErrorItemNotFound: The specified object was not found in the store. The process failed to get the correct properties."


When I want to display room calendar events in my Outlook everything works fine, so the problem seems to be between Power BI and Exchange.


Is read only permission enough (gues it is but one never knows)?

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I hadsame issue yesterday. I solved it by logging under room resource account ( in my case) and then it worked. I had to reset password for resource first.



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Thank you Radim but this workaround is hardly usable in my case. I need to connect to about 15 rooms/calendars (more in the future) and I need to do an overview in one report. I understand your way is possible but I can't imagine solving some permission issue and checking all tables and credentials. Smiley Frustrated