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Cannot configure Dataset Gateway: This data set has been configured by *


I've published a report from my work account.

Under Dataset Settings it shows Datagateway error and shows:

This data set has been configured by *myprivate* .

I've tripple checked my credential, sign-out and in ...

I see my WORK environment, but it somehow connects the Dataset to gmail....

And doesn't allow me to set up Enterprise Gatway for Dataset or Refresh

I know others are experiencing same issue here:


Please help.



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This issue has already been reported internally to Power BI Team: CRI 32669696

The fix should be available on April 13th. Please check it later.


Best Regards,

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An update:

I don't know if the issue was fixed by Microsoft, but I've deleted the dataset and published again the report from the Desktop and now the Gateway is working properly



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