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Cannot Load Model

Good Afternoon, 


We have a user in Singapore that is used to updating measures, etc. in our main dataset. As of the last two weeks, every time this user publishes the dataset, it becomes un-reachable by all the reports linked to the dataset. 


I have to revert to an older version of the dataset, but I can make the same changes and publish the changes without any issue. 


Here are the errors with technical info:


Error received when viewing a report page that is part of the datset: 

Cannot load model

Couldn't load the model schema associated with this report. Make sure you have a connection to the server, and try again.

Please check the technical details for more information. If you contact support, please provide these details.

Underlying Error: PowerBI service client received error HTTP response. HttpStatus: 500. PowerBIErrorCode: QuerySystemError

QuerySystemError: Failed to get CSDL.

Correlation ID: d31d449c-1ce3-bebf-5c01-408eaf4d5462

Activity ID: ecab9bee-dd3e-48c4-b867-060e720f7a6a

Request ID: 7158bdd2-9289-8bf5-ebe3-3121870cee0f

Time: Tue Jul 28 2020 22:22:17 GMT-0600 (Mountain Daylight Time)

Service version: 13.0.13960.52

Client version: 2007.3.02011-train



Status: New
Community Support

@jwilliamscrocs ,


Could you contact with user to confirm what modification has been done? For example, does he modify the column headers or change the data source?



Jimmy Tao

New Member

Hi Jimmy, 


Through testing, we have found that even when he makes NO change to the dataset and simply saves will create this issue. It's almost as if the file becomes corrupt and won't work as a datasource in service. 


Additionally, I now have one additional user in our group that has just started having similar experience as of yesterday. 


Other Dataset notes: 

- This is a direct query dataset sitting on top of snowflake. 

- User can publish a NEW version of the dataset, into the same workspace with no issues. We'd like to avoid having to go this route (repointing reports to new version of ds) since we have a TON of reports built off this dataset that are published company wide in pbi service. 


Thank you,