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Cannot Create Alert Rule

I have created a dashboard, and pinned a card.

When selecting manage alerts the "+ Alert Rule" doesn't action at all. I click the button but there is no action produced. 

Button in question: 

alert rule.png




Status: New

Hi @alextotheandru


Please check if you hit any limitations listed here:


If not, I would suggest you test again by different browsers. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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I facing the same behaviour.


I look at the consideration, and i don't have any limitation listed


Considerations and troubleshooting

  • Alerts aren't supported for card tiles with date/time measures.
  • Alerts only work with numeric data types.
  • Alerts only work on refreshed data. They don't work on static data.
  • Alerts only work on streaming datasets if you build a KPI, card, or gauge report visual and then pin that visual to the dashboard.


I tryed on Firefox (last build) and Edge. Same behaviour.


Nothing append when i click on set alert rule.


My dataset is AZURE CONSUMPTION Service and data is daily refreshed

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Here is a screenshot of my test


In my report, il have 3 numerics data (its cost)


For 2 of them, it doesn't work. These value is calculated with filtered value on the visual

For the one which works, there are no filter on the visual.


I notice that, for the one which work, the tile has taken the entity (cost), but no for the other


Sans titre.png