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Cancellation occurred when sending or receiving a request.

I am able to Publish my reports to Power BI via Desktop but when I try to refresh my report online or schedule it, I receive an error. I get Cancellation occurred when sending or receiving a request. This is happening for some of my reports. All of my reports are using the same primary datasource.


Activity ID:42466664-77ac-45d7-b7ba-684b2cd8dfa4
Request ID:43394a3c-66ac-4b2e-9d70-19986ce75145
Time:2018-05-08 15:52:55Z
Status: New

Hi @prbkb,


Please refresh the same report in Power BI desktop. If it does refresh successfully, go to Query Editor, filter and keep less data, then apply changes. Republishing the report to Power BI service, manually refresh the dataset again. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 


Are you saying it could be an issue with the size of the dataset?


-I refreshed and published still was not able to refresh via gateway

-I Then tried filtering and republishing and still it failed with the same error.