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Can't use AI Insights because Data Gateway sources are not supported

In addition to the tenant settings issue which is preventing us from using Machine Learning Models in Power BI (, we are also seeing an error on AI Insights in Power BI Dataflows saying essentially data sources that require a data gateway are not supported: 



At MBAS this week I was told the latest Data Gateway update would resolve this issue and I installed the latest version of the Data Gateway Tuesday at the Summit and still experienced the same issue. The entire idea of Power BI AI is that you only need premium for you to utilize it. If data gateways are not supported then wouldn't I also need some kind of cloud data storage to use this feature as well?





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I'm having the same issue as well. I also installed/downloaded the latest version of the gateway. From my understanding, utilizing a data gateway would not be an issue. Perhaps someone can clarify this?


Hi all, 


This is a limitation that AI insights does not support on-premises data sources currently. You can submit a idea here:


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Qiuyun Yu 

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@Nadav-Hav, one of the major drivers for AI in Power BI is that everything is included for the price of a Premium Capacity. Can you recommend what kind of data source can be used that would not incur any more cost for Azure cloud storage? 


I was told at MBAS 2019 that the latest Data Gateway update would resolve the issue described above, which is probably why @elisechung expected this functionality not to be an issue as well. Saw a lot of cool ML/AI Insights capability at the Summit and so far there are two major obstacles (this one and the tenant setting issue) that are preventing us from showcasing any of that functionality.


Yeah I encoutnerd that same issue as well when I tested.

Even below offical accouncement saying it's now working with on premise data via June gateway. But the reality is contrary. Do I need to wait for few weeks more?

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@gelliott02 I heard the same thing, and was excited with the blog post that says


"After the June release of the on-premises data gateway, cognitive services are now also supported with on-premises data sources."


@v-qiuyu-msft I don't feel we need to submit a new idea, we just need Microsoft to implement what they announced at Microsoft Business Applications Summit.


We are having the same issue and would like to understand the resolution when it becomes available.

@EmperorJimbo @ChrisTaylor