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Can't select url field

Trying to add a URL to a field in a table to conditionally format it as a hyperlink, however - when the modal pops up for me to select the field that the link will be based on, the 'Based on field' dropdown is highlighted in red and won't let me select the field containing the URL or any ofther field for that matter.


the formula for the URL field is:


URL = "" & [Id]



Status: New
Community Support

Hi @jonespossibly ,

Although the 'Based on field' dropdown is highlighted in red, could choose the field in the selection:



Please update the desktop version to the latest to check it again or consider sharing more information abou this issue.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Helper I

no - it won't let me choose any field from the dropdown.

I'm on the latest version of the desktop app.


I have exactly the same issue. Weirdly, I've successfully formatted a link previously in the very same dashboard, and now that formatted link is also behaving the same way -- I can no longer select the "based on" field.


I've pulled the same data into a brand new PBIX file and there I'm able to create the link as desired. I'm loathe to rebuild my data model, but... at this point I don't see any way around the issue.



Helper I

yup.  we ended up building the model again and using a new pbix.

not sure how you actually get real support for bugs in PBI