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Can't see hidden fields with new field list preview feature



I have the new field list preview feature turned on and when connecting to Power BI dataset or Azure Analysis Services, I can't right click on the field list and select 'View hidden' anymore. Can this option be added back in.




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You may add a local model to enable it.


Yes - please re-add.

Adding a local model is not always an option and when doing so removes any display folders used in the tables/fields, essentailly flattening everything.

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Yes, having access to hidden fields is crucial when building reports and debugging the content - ie. being able to add key columns or other numeric columns to check that we have the correct data before removing the fields from the report and publishing.

I typically add hidden drillthrough report pages with a lot of "hidden columns" used in table visuals while the report is under development. Makes it easier to track any errors in data or calculations.

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much agreed we need it back this is crucial for any data analyst or PBI developer.

Adding a local model is not an option for PBI plugged on onprem AS, luckily we can disable the new field list feature to have show hiden back.



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@v-chuncz-msft this should be marked with a bug tag, since this is clearly something missing in the new preview feature. Adding a local model isn't an option for us either

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There is already an idea, you may leave a comment and vote it up.